NO Exit with Al Descubierto Teatro

NO Exit with Al Descubierto Teatro

Three characters are in hell: a room that has only one door. They expected to be tortured, but soon discover that no torturers will come and that they are there to torment each other and discover the truth. They are where there is no time or change occurs. They can not sleep either, it’s life without cuts. They try to escape from this punishment, from eternity and demand to leave that place. The door opens but none decides to leave, then they realize that they can not live without the others. They are condemned to listen to each other’s thoughts and to live in their gaze eternally.

Direction: Nataliya Andrukhnenko

Performers: Nataliya Andrukhnenko, Carlos Alcalá, David Ventosa

Costumes and set design: Goranca Percovic

Artistic residence Mediterranean Dance Center in Svetvinčenat (Croatia)

2015, August

CENIT (Certamen Nuevos Investigadores Teatrales) in Sevilla (Spain)

2015, Nov

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