Movement Facilitation

Movement Facilitation

Now, difficult. Later, easy.

Now, easy. Before, difficult.

Movement facilitation is an intuitive movement technique to develop propioception and a more meaningful and deeper relationship with our bodies.

With exploratory games, and a continuous playful and challenging attitude, participants of all levels, ages, and skills are invited to explore and expand their own limits.

Things you need to participate: your body and a variety of daily common objects.

An increase in precision, dexterity, agility, speed, control, reaction time, balance, strength, flexibility, or accuracy are some of the expected physical benefits from the practice.

Trust, openness, sympathy, empathy, bonding, laughs, love, or fun, are some common social and emotional outcomes.

Creativity in daily life, willingness for exploration, faster memory, self-confidence, and problem-solving abilities are expected cognitive results.

The expansion of your being with a humble approach is the spiritual path ready to follow.

I am Carlos Alcalá. I am Carlito Fluito, a movement facilitator.

Contact me, come and try, and explore more.

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